It all started with curiosity and fascination. It is hard to imagine the steps within such a transition, but starting out I was only going to be creating movies from my gameplay highlight clips – then I was just doodling in cool software to make additional content for my videos.

Now here we are a year later and I’m designing clothes, so no matter your pursuits in life – just be sure to do the things you have an interest in, regardless of where you think they might lead.

I promise you one thing, people will discourage you, will try to tell you every way that what your doing is a waste, but that doesn’t matter – just do what you enjoy doing, and do it to the best of your ability, it’ll surprise you what comes of it!

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all over print skater dress white 5fc9e879d1652
all over print premium face mask white 5fe35daf10fcd
unisex crew neck sweatshirt light blue 5fef1c7ba9d51
mockup ebe14a7c
enhanced matte paper poster in 24x36 5fc9540668cb6
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