This is a teaser for the Duffle Bag Boy Remix that I am working on – the editing process hasn’t gotten any further along than this, though I do intend on it

If it is cool with you guys of course, otherwise let me know – I certainly don’t want to come across as anything more than an artist who has a great appreciation for lil wayne 2chainz – been a lil wayne fan ever since “like father like son” album, which still contains some of my all-time favorite tracks

I’ve got some of my recent work below, along with descriptions of what they are

Also, I have a clothing brand which features extremely high resolution abstract artwork on clothing such as shirts, pants, facemasks, jackets, dresses – if you would like to check that out, click the logo at the top left of this page to go to the homepage of my website

This is an absolutely true story

I freestyled about this for ~18 mins & then condensed it down to 11½

It was hard to do so, and I only scratched the surface of how jacked up it all was

This was entry 2 into a competition recently

Interesting is that I recorded entry 2 & 3 and had them submitted within 4 hours total for the pair

At the beginning of the 4 hours, I had ½ the lyrics for entry 2 and that’s it – so the 2nd half and the entire 3rd entry were freestyled

This is the 3rd entry mentioned above, entirely freestyled

This is an instrumental I made recently

This is Symphony 69, which presently consists of 3 parts

There will be at least 1 additional segment, but could very well be more when I feel it is completed

This was made by recording myself freestyling and then cutting out the best segment from it, a recent idea I plan to repeat

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