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If still unsure this page will hopefully provide answers to any questions you may have regarding your order – if not feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns you have – I’d be glad to assist/inform

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Is the Art Legit?

All products sold on this website are designed by z3r0, and all artwork used to do so is 100% original

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What makes this store unique?

z3r0’s vision in all endeavors is: “Graphical Expectations Arisen” Within every aspect of z3r0’s endeavors, this can be expected universally throughout their entirety

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Am I able to make a return?

Of course you can, I will elaborate the specifics on returns on two buttons below, as there are two types of return

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Product Error

If there is anything wrong with the product due to manufacturer defect or mistake in production, the return will be handled at the expense of the supplier – you just need to contact me within 28 days of your recieving the package and I will take care of communicating the issue for you, and follow up with you on return instructions/shipping label


Thank you for shopping with z3r0

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Wrong item ordered and/or size/choice change

If the product is not damaged, nor has any manufacturer defect, the item can still be returned! You have 28 days from the date package was received to make this type of return request as well – the only difference is you have to pay for shipping in the return process, as the manufacturer does not cover costs in this instance

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ງrคphi¢คl ēxpē¢tคti໐ຖŞ คriŞēຖ

Early on in the development of all the things you see here today, I knew that having a singular focus that could broadly describe the mission and intent of all of my endeavors was critical – and it was during the review process of my first excessively high definition video that it hit me – what I wanted to do, and in effect was already doing, was raise the standard in regard to the expectations of quality and detail found within video game highlight videos. To explain the technical side of this, and show the statistical foundation upon which this claim has been established, the standard and commercially accepted bitrate to be used in 4k60 HDR video productions is 65 – 80 mbps.

My videos bounce around, and even a bit above at times, 240 mbps

That is 112 GB of data per 1 hour – yes it is difficult to manage, near impossible at times: but to me, it is absolutely worth the extra effort and many many extra hours

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Matching Facemasks

Most products have matching facemasks available as well! Just a heads up in case that is an interest we have in common – I’m thrilled about it personally 

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