About z3r0


My name is O000O000O000, but you can call me z3r0

All of this started many years ago when I had the desire to make recordings of my gameplay and compile them into videos to showcase some of the wild shots I was making.

Over years of having that desire and a long way from accomplishing anything like this, I developed skillsets and an understanding of how different components of pulling something like this off all go together – things like how to draw, how to edit video, how to livestream.

Then one day it all started coming together and making perfect sense, after years of people laughing at me, or asking me why on earth I spend so much time working on things they see as worthless – it was all a longshot effort to accomplish my dreams and my goals, and now more than ever I am starting to feel like I may be close to accomplishing just that.

Then again, spending 20 consecutive hours 6 days per week on research and development in video game highlight productions does sound a bit extreme, I get it haha

(slight exaggeration above)

((only slight though))

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