This was the first edited video I made with the new equipment – namely the Elgato 4k60 S+ Capture Card & Vegas Pro 17 Professional Video Editing Software, now Vegas Pro 18 – which has the wonderful addition of having

built-in text in-lay tools that I am totally feeiin’

(I reciedve no compensation for these particular two referrals, they are just good products that I recommend to anyone hands down, you’re welcome MAGIX and Elgato)

This is one of my all-time favorites, “Swipe-Snipe City”

This video features highlight clips from a fellow content creator I met through instagram, EELATEEZ, as well of course as my own – watch the top right corner for our logos to know whose clips are playing at any moment! Such a fun collab

Also Featured in this video is a band I met through soundcloud called XOTIX, they are hands down one of the best up and coming and if you like this style of music go check them out because they drop hard music quite regularly

This is a quick video showcasing the graphical improvements Bungie made in Destiny 2 Beyond Light expansion – the final ~60 seconds are absolutely mind-blowing, and look like real-life footage hands down

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